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Are you a small to medium sized business looking to build or revamp your website?

You've come to the right place.

I provide an end-to-end solution for web design, development and strategy - specializing in projects that are about creating that extra special je ne sais quois in the visual presentation that distinguishes you from the competition.

I have been building web applications for over ten years - working as a product manager across roles at three companies (where I climbed the corporate ladder from entry level to leadership positions), and during nights and weekends as a freelance developer and designer. Prior to that I co-founded a startup. Today, I bring all of these experiences together in one comprehensive service.

As I deepened my knowledge in these three areas - design, development, and strategy - I found that each one began to feed my understanding of the others. My product management benefited from my understanding of code and design principles, and my freelance projects from my understanding of product strategy. I believe that this breadth of knowledge is the basis of the service I provide - and what sets me apart from others.

Having a strong website is a key part of any business, but there is a large gap in quality between what you can get with an "out-of-the-box" Squarespace site and hiring an agency to build something customized. I believe in the democracy of good web design - that every business should have the ability to create a website that represents their brand and helps them grow. My goal is to make agency-quality custom websites accessible to businesses of every size.

Want to get in touch? Send me an email at willdurkin@gmail.com.


MARK CUNNINGHAM / an interior designer form portfolio site markcunninghaminc.com

Mark Cunningham is a New York based interior designer who has been covered by Vogue and the New York Times Magazine, and included on the yearly list of America’s top designers by Elle Decor and Architectural Digest. For his site, I created an immersive visual presentation of his work that encouraged users to dive in and explore the visual styles expressed in his various projects.

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COLLEEN SIMONDS / an interior designer portfolio site colleensimonds.com

Colleen Simonds is an interior design located in Pittsburg, PA. She specializes in residential design and her work was recently profiled in Martha Stewart Living. Colleen was inspired by Mark's website and wanted to do something similar, but with her own unique twist.

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SPLIT SPIRITS / a whiskey company splitspirits.com

Split Spirits is a whiskey company taking a new and innovative whiskey aging process - rather than aging the spirits in barrels, wood staves are added directly to the bottle. This puts the drinker in control of aging their bottle and allows them to experience the spirit at different phases of flavor maturation.

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ODYSSEE / a gif-based adventure game odyssee.com

Odyssee is a world composed entirely of gifs that the user must navigate. The site is based on the adventure PC games I played as a kid. It is comprised of a 10x10 grid of "screens" that offer weird visual experiences and riddles. The goal is to make it to the end of the path.

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LITE.FM / a communal listening experience powered by the youtube api lite.fm

Lite.fm was my final project for the General Assembly Javascript course I took in 2016. The site leverages the Youtube API and Google Firebase to allow users to build a real-time, collaborative playlist.

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SULLIVAN CROMWELL / a tax law blog sullcrom.com

Redesign of Sullivan Cromwell LLC's internally developed blogging network.

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JZ BANKING SERVICES / a private equity group corporate website jzbankingservices.com

JZ Banking Services is a private equity group based in the Netherlands. Built business website on Wordpress CMS.

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SAM DAKOTA / a visual artist and printmaker portfolio samdakota.com

Sam Dakota is a New York based artist.