Will Durkin

Product Management

I have worked in product roles for past 10 years at three companies - starting as an entry level Product Manager at Priceline, and then taking on leadership roles at Letgo and Faraday. Across these postions, I have delivered results by applying a core set of philosophies centered around data-driven decision making, the OKR goal setting process, and a clear definition of team workflows.

FARADAY AI / Director of Product

February 2021 - September 2021

I joined Faraday as the company's first product leadershp hire and was responsible for building a product organization from the ground up. I hired and led team of three direct reports and oversaw efforts of 20 person engineering/ data science team. During my time there I established the core aspects of a product org - team structure, workflows, northstar metric, team goal metrics, etc. and led a series of projects designed to achieve our goals.

LETGO / Principal Product Manager

May 2019 - December 2020

At Letgo, I owned product strategy and roadmap for the company's B2B product, a subscription service that allows businesses to list their inventory in the company's peer-to-peer marketplace. I managed a team of four direct reports and oversaw efforts of 30 person development team.

Using data analysis and customer research, I developed a product strategy that focused the teams efforts on the areas of highest potential impact for our company goal metric - client churn. In the span of six months, we werea able to completely reverse a negative business trend and reduce client churn by 46% - eventually delivering a 110% achievement of our annual revenue target.

PRICELINE / Product Manager & Senior Product Manager

October 2013 - May 2019

At Priceline, I worked with back-end and front-end teams on just about every type of project you could concieve of. Notable achievements include launching Priceline's international site for European and Latin American markets (full size loalization with multicurrency and translation into six languages), and a series of projects focused on the homepage search form that set a new record for user conversion improvements gained in a quarters. I also had the opportunity to lead user research trips to Mexico and Spain to improve performance in foreign markets.